What is a Chartreux Cat?

If you are visiting here, you’re probably looking into or currently own or breed a Chartreux cat.

Here at ChartreuxCat.org, you can find tons of information and pictures about the Chartreux cat- which will help you breed and learn about them. Even if you are not looking into owning one, this site will help you if you are looking into virtually anything related to the Chartreux cat.

So what is a Chartreux cat?
As you can guess, the word “Chartreux” is French, and the Chartreux cat

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originates from France. The Chartreux cat is known for its gray-blue water-resistant double-coated fur, tough build, and mild temperament. Although the Chartreux cat may be a little big, its sweet smiling expression and soft voice covers the cons of a big cat.

Experts say the Chartreux cat is a quiet and gentle cat, and always true to its master. It was also known as a good hunter when it were used to hunt.
Most importantly, it is easy to keep and breed – a very important factor when wanting any kind of cat.